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Where in the World woul you Travel if You could? 

Each of us has a dream place to go, may be its because of beautiful views or to visit their known tourist spots, or to learn their culture. 

Where in the world would i travel if i could? Well, there are lot of places I want to go to and stay there even at least one week. The first place that I would like to travel is the amazing gulf of Alaska, the Northern part of Canada and U.S.A. 

The reason why I want to go there is to witness with my own eyes  the two oceans that met but never mixed at all. Then I want to go to Paris.  I want to see the Eiffel Tower. I want to see the amazing tower and take a selfie there. 

The third place is U.S.A, where the artificial intelligence is. I want to visit their companies where the robots are created. I would also want to discover their machinaries that are made with a very high-technology. 

The last place is Korea. I want to meet my idols there. I wanna try to eat ramen which is very known food during cold season. 

Those place that I’ve written are only few because there are really lot of it. For now, i will have to focus on my studies first and I’ll hope that after graduation I can get a good work so that my dream to travel will not be called a dream anymore. 

What Advice would You Give to Somebody Who just Started Dating

Dating is a normal thing for people on getting to know each other. It is the first step on making a relationship. I’m talking about a relationship that having a special commitment on that two persons. 

These days, many people are starting to date at an early age of time. We all know that if that date work for the two of you, a special feeling will bloosom and they call it LOVE. Love is a big word. Some people make it an inspiration, some take it as an enjoyment and others take it seriously. I have an advice and this is just an advice for those who just started dating. Don’t hurry yourself for such thing. Always remember your limits. I know this feeling is hard to control when it’s already there but love is beautiful and yet harmful. This four letters can give you an everyday chill or torn your life apart and destroy everything. Everything! Your studies, yourself, your future or your life. Anything can happen in every wrong decision. So be careful with your heart and don’t make dating as your priority. Make it just one of your plans in life. Always think about your future. And again, this is just an advice. It still depends on you on how you manage yourself. 

Think twice and make a choice wisely because things wont work the way you want it to. Love needs both the heart and mind to make a right decision and in every decision, always be ready for the two possible causes, It’s either you’ll be happy or you’ll get broken. And the only person that can save you is YOU. 

What’s the Story behind My Name

  Everything in this world has its own meaning or definition. But not all things defines who or what we are because in this world that we’re standing and living, we are the ones who makes our own definition for ourselves. And that’s what I’m going to share to all of you, on what is the definition of my name, Roxanne.        

Roxanne, Roxanne, Roxanne, where does my name came from? Is my name a beautiful one or an ugly one? I am also thinking, where did my parents get it? Or should I say what is the meaning behind it. If you’ll ask me about my name, well my name signifies a strong, brave and kind lady like my favorite color which is red. Why?, because I know who I am. I am a person that you can trust in keeping secrets. A person that willing to help whenever you ask me or not. A person who is friendly to everyone which they like the most and also a jolly one. But sometimes I am that person who like bullying but not that much, to the extend if having a fight. I am a person who always get pisses off, but most of all I am a person who is easy to fall inlove. I maybe not gifted of having a white skin but having a black beauty that makes me more beautiful and confident of who I am and also fit in having a tall height and slim body. I am a strong person as it says to my name. I am being strong because weak people for me has no better future. I am strong and brave for this are my only weapon on my way to success cause the way has many challenges and obstacles to cope up. 
 I maybe not perfect to the eyes of everyone but I know to myself that their judgements are the one that makes me more stronger and brave. Accepting the truth and cherishing what I have makes me more confident. And this is the story behind my name, Roxanne. 

A Letter to Someone Who Believed in Me even When I didn’t Believe in Myself

There’s always a time in your life when you stop believing in yourself. A time when you feel that there’s nothing left in you. Then you began to loose yourself. Began to loose faith in believing in yourself. But at times like this, you’ll find someone who’s always there to pick you back up and build you up. 

There are obstacles in life and its often easier to give up to those obstacles that gets in the way. I let these things break me down. I stopped believing that I could achieve greatness. But you didn’t let me forget. You stood by my side each and everyday. I am so much thankful to you, for always reminding me and giving me positive thoughts that includes about hopes. Everyday, I’m learning. It’s because you taught me to stood up and never ever doubt to myself. Thank you for giving me strength to be a better and stronger person. 

I am constantly learning that there’s always that one person that will be there in your life who’s willing to understand you even what life’s takes you.

If I could Go back in Time and Change One Thing from my past

Everyone has regrets on tbeir own. That thing or incident that happened in the past that you want to change but you can’t because you can’t travel back in time. 
If only I could travel back in time and change ond thing from my past, it would be the mistakes that i did with my girlfriend. We were so happy back then, until we were forced to end our relationship because were not taking up our classes. We cut classes to spend more time for us. Until we both failed our major and minor subjects. I feel sorry for that. I was the one who’s asking her to do such thing. She loves me and does everything to make me happy. And that’s what brings us to the point that our teachers, our principal, our head of the department, our guidance counselor, my girlfriend and her mother went to our house. They talked to my parents with us and revealed our relationship which i hid to them because they didn’t know that I’m a lesbian. They told our parents about our failing grades and forced us to break up. They transferred me to another section. 

I really regret that time. I regret what we did. If only we made our education a priority, maybe we’re still together until now. If only iI could travel back in time and make things right. But it’s too late. I know it’s impossible. I know I cant. 

Yes I regret those times but i know everything happens for a reason and a lesson. All I can do is accept the consequences and that brought me to a better one. As of now she found a guy that loves her and i also found that one. And this time, I’ll be doing the right things to do. 

10 Famous Lines from Movies that Moved Me and Why

Movies are made to enjoy people from watching. Watching a movie is an option to do when a person gets bored, don’t have work, or when a person just wants to enjoy. 
There are different kinds of movies; an action movie, horror, funny, romantic and etc. Mostly teenagers like me loves to watch the romantic one or the sweet one specially when that movie relates on him or her current situation or in their past or in their dream or even if it doesn’t. And there are lines in a movie that is like replaying in their minds and just can’t move on from it most specially the hugot lines. When it touches deeply their hearts, it will just stay in their minds and flashes or hearing them inside their heads over and over again with a deep feeling on their hearts. 

I am one of them. 

Now here are 10 famous lines in movies that moved me and the reasons why it does:
The first three lines are from the movie My Ex and Why’s, “Am i not enough? Pangit ba ako? Kapalit palit ba ako?”. Those lines hit me for it happened that you had many unanswered questions to yourself because you on your own didn’t know the reasons why he cheated, why did he hurt you, why he did such thing when he promised ro love you but then suddenly, he choosed to broke you into pieces. 
The next one is from the same movie. “When you choose to love, dapat tapat, kasi kung mahal mo, bakit mo sasaktan?” It moved my heart truly. When we choose loving a person, we must be faithful because LOVE is a BIG word. It contains trust, faith, respect, understanding and many to mention. Love is everything so when it’s given you, cherish it with an infinite care. If you love that person, don’t do the things that you know, will hurt you both. 
This fifth line is from the movie Can’t Help Falling in Love. “Nakakatakot magmahal pero nung minahal kita, narealize ko na mas nakakatakot pag hindi mo piniling magmahal.” Definitely! Loving someone is scary, it’s risk taking. You’ll never know that you might just fail and torn apart knowing that person might reject you or hurt you, but who knows? What if not? What if you’ll find that special love you were looking for in that person? We just have to take the risk. If love comes our way, we’ll just welcome it with infinite pleasure. 
The next one is from The Break Up Playlist. “Do me a favor, umalis ka naein sa buhay ko!” It’s a line from Gino when his girlfriend Trixie told him that she will quit their Band. I know that feeling when you’re angry, words that are spoken are being uncontrolled. When you’re letting your pride eat your whole instead of you eating it for the one you love. But your anger is controlling you to the point that you’re being insensitive about the feelings of others. You’re pushing everyone away. 
This another line is from the movie Must be Love. “Mata yung unang nagmamahal Ivan, pero hindi mo ako nakita kahit akobyung nasa tabi mo.” This is what Patricia said when he admitted that she loves Ivan. It really moved me! I wanna say “I feel you Ate!” This is the biggest FACT of all fact this days! A person first looks at an individual by how he/she looks before choosing to know that person. Nowadays, pag hindi ka maganda o hindi ka gwapo lagi kang naloloko, o kaya FRIENDZONE labas mo. Pero hindi naman lahat. I still believe that there are people finds a great personality, who finds love using their hearts and not their eyes. 
This is my eighth line. “Hindi ka naman masasaktan kung hindi mo mahal yung tao.” This is from the movie Just The Way You Are. Totoong hindi ka masasaktan kung wala kang nararamdamang special para sa taong yan. Yung feeling na hindi ikaw yung target pero nasasaktan ka rin kasi mahal mo yung tinarget. Yung linyang, anong pake mo? Sino ka ba? Ano ka ba nya? Tapos ang isasagot mo, walang kami pero mahal ko sya. Diba! Ang sakit nun! O kaya yung mahal mo mismo nagsabi sayo, mas masakit yun! 
The next one is feom the movie 4 Sisters and A Wedding. “Don’t make comments about my personal life because i don’t make comments about yours.” Exactly! Hindi dapat tayo nangingialam sa buhay ng may buhay kasi buhay nila yun! Wag tayong nakikisawsaw kasi hindi nating alam ang pinagdadaanan nila, hindi natin alam ang nararamdaman nila. 
And last but not the least. I started it in this movie so I’m ending it with this one too. The movie My Ex and Why’s. This is and advice from Gio’s father. “Kung mahal mo talaga si Cally, wag mo syang susukuan, ipakita mo sa kangya ang Gio na nagmamahal pa ein sa kanya”. Dalawang beses akong na touch sa linyang to. Una ay yung fact na  If we love that person, show it! Don’t just say it cause action are louder than words! And don’t easily give up. Pangalawa, it’s amazing how a father gives an advice to his son that even thou he does it himself, his srill cheering his son to be better off instead of influencing him to do what he does. He proved that in a dark place, there will be a way to see the light, just don’t give up and don’t loose hope. 
Finally! All ten lines are complete. Well as we can see, almost all of the lines that i was touched was hugot lines. It’s all about love. It’s because of what i said, it’s what teenagers love the most this days, hugot lines. Honestly, the real thing is i don’t know why I’m touched to this but I guess it’s really true. The line saying “Fake everything but not the feelings, you can never fake it.”